StageLine Cover Down corrector

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stageline cover down2.jpg
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StageLine Cover Down corrector


Fluid corrective coverage make-up for improving the appearance of redness, hyper-pigmentation and papules. Conceals dark circles and blemishes. Contains natural moisturising factor and Bisabolol (balances and nourishes).

Apply before make-up base with a sponge, fingertips or directly onto the affected area. Mix with foundation to modify skin tone. Available in 7 colours 

Contains Natural Moisturizing Factor and plant oils that keep skinmoisturized. Semi-matte finish. Recommended for all skin types. NO PERFUME.

 Guidance on corrections:

  • Dark circles in dark brown skin / OR pink.
  • Dark circles in light skin/ AO yellow.
  • Illuminator brown skin / AO yellow.
  • Illuminator light skin / WT white
  • Correcting  brown spots / MR mauve
  • Correcting redness, pimples and capillaries / AC green 
  • Luminous highlighting /BG

30ml dispenser bottle

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