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Kits are the best value way to begin using aibrush makeup! We have a kit to meet most every need. 

choice of Solo Pro & Freedom kits

Mistair Solo Pro kit 

  • £240 (with MA35 Airbrush)
  • £275 (with SL1000 airbrush)
  • £305 (with SL1000 dual set up airbrush)

automatic cut out switch. Maximum psi of 26 enables you to effectively cover all disciplines offered by Mistair:- make up, body art, hair art , nail art and low speed tanning 


  • solo pro compressor (pressure regulator, gauge and airbrush airline)
  • airbrush MA35  or SL1000 (choice of single* or dual set up**)
  • silicone based cleaner/thinner 250ml
  • foundation pack(14)
  • make up templates (3)

MA35 airbrush can not accept various needle sizes and is suitable for foundation,  SL1000 uses 3 needle sizes and can cover a wide variety of applications including makeup/foundations as well as detail work such as eye makeup and nail. With the larger needle it is capable of body and hair art.

*single set up SL100 includes 0.2mm needle – ideal for fine, detailed work. e.g.: nail art, eye make-up

**Dual set up airbrush in deluxe case with small and large cup and two needles (extra £30) -  0.2mm – ideal for fine, detailed work. e.g.: nail art, eye make-up & 0.4mm – ideal for working on medium sized areas. e.g.: foundation, blusher etc

A third needle size is available seperately - 0.6mm – Ideal for working on large areas e.g.: Body, hair etc

Mistair Freedom Kit - £210

Mini-compressor with battery pack. Only suitable for foundation, blushes etc... pressure is adjustable only via a bleed-valve


  • freedom compressor  kit (mini compressor, charger, pressure adjuster, wireless kit and carry bag)
  • MA35 airbrush
  • silicone base cleaner/thinner 250ml/8.4fl.oz
  • foundation kit (as above)
  • make up templates (3)


Solo Pro Kit with MA35 airbrush:
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