Haircolour - Airlites - MistAir Airbrush colour

Airbrush water-based temporary haircolour - 75 ml

Available in 24 colours – mixture of matte & pearlescent
In a range of 13 natural and 12 vibrant fashion colours

  • Colours easily mixed to create many shades
  • stencils available

Natural looking highlights or rich eye-catching colour, the results are stunning every time. Easy to apply, you simply spray directly onto the hair in just a few seconds freehand or using stencils. Then it simply washes out with normal shampoo leaving no residue - even on coloured or bleached hair!

It’s been specially formulated so the colour pigment grind is too large to penetrate hair's cuticle,  making it suitable for use on all hair types and colours without risk of staining.

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